8 Cameras and other recording devices Luggage items without size restrictions Please note that money papers with montary value je welry keys and other valuables weapons as well as all flammable and explosive items and things whose possession is punishable are not allowed to be stored The fee per piece of luggage is 2 50 subject to price adjustments and must be paid again if the luggage is removed e g during a break and returned Walking aids for disabled persons The parking of walkers is not permitted in the theatre for safety reasons These can be parked in designated areas outside the theatre No liability will be assumed for parked items Walking sticks crutches and canes for the blind are of course permitted throughout the event area including the theatre Due to the confines of the theatre we have created holders throughout the theatre where assistive devices can be safely stowed during the performance Our admissions staff will be happy to do this for you and bring your assistive device to your seat at the end of the performance and during intermission A limited number of wheelchair spaces are available Unfortunately wheelchair rental is no longer possible for liability reasons Support for disabled persons Please note that admission is only possible for persons with a valid ticket Accompanying persons should cont act the office in advance Sound film photo and video recording Sound film photo and video recordings of any kind are prohibited at the venue for copyright reasons Recording equipment and came ras of any kind brought along must be returned to the baggage drop off points for storage for a fee

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