7In the theatre Information regarding clothing Please note that the Passion Play Theatre is an open air stage with roofed seats Therefore please wear seasonal comfortable and weather depending clo thing Wardrobe can be left in a baggage drop off point on site see map on page 20 Prohibited objects The following objects are not permitted in the event venue theatre Food and beverages more than 0 5 litre Bags exceeding the DIN A4 format other objects such as walking sticks umbrellas etc Only resealable beverage bottles made of shat terproof material up to 0 5 litre no glass bott les and mini umbrellas may be taken into the the atre Prohibited objects can be deposited in a baggage drop off point on site see map on page 20 During performances any electronic devices e g mobi le phone smartphone must be set up in such a way that they do not interfere with the performance by sound vibration or light signals airplane mode Baggage drop off points A baggage storage facility is located a short distance from each of the access gates see map on page 20 there is a left luggage office The following items can be left here Checkroom items such as walking sticks walking umbrellas etc

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