5make a reservation in advance In order to be allowed to park on the designated disabled parking spaces you need a special blue parking permition the Par king Permit for Persons with Disabilities in the European Union according to Sozialverband VdK Arrival for disabled persons with driving service Please contact the office if you have any questions Phone 49 0 8822 835 93 30 Admittance Passion Play Theatre area An event area with admission checks is set up in front of the Passion Play Theatre Please allow sufficient time at least 1 hour before the start of the performance Identity check Before you enter the Passion Play Theatre area there will be admission controls Bag and body checks may be carried out as part of the admission checks These are to be tolerated to an appropriate extent Admission into the theatre is only permitted of a valid ticket The ticket must be shown at the entrance of the theatre Admission checks will take place Personalized tickets Admission is only permitted upon presentation of a va lid ticket for the performance day The name of the visi tor must be entered on the back of the ticket At the request of the admission staff the identity card must be presented in order to check whether the per son entered on the ticket is the same as the ticket holder entering the theatre During the performance the ticket must be carried at all times and presented on request

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