12 Ticket insurance and ticket redemption Ticket insurance We recommend that you take out a ticket insurance What is insured The insurance replaces the price of the ticket if the visit of the booked event can not or can not as scheduled commence because of the following events Death severe accidental injury Unexpected severe illness intolerance to a vaccine pregnancy Damage to your property as a result of fire elementary event or intent criminal of a third party Loss of job as a result of an unexpected redundancy by the employer Commencement of a job if the person was un employed when booking the journey Ticket redemption protection What services does the ticket redemption protection in clude In case of non arrival of the travel non use of the rental object Reimbursement of the contractually owed cancella tion costs if an insured event has occurred Non deductible Ticket redemption protection Ticketprice up to EUR Single person EUR Code tax included 50 1 90 22535 0 30 100 3 80 22536 0 61 150 4 80 22537 0 77 210 9 80 22538 1 56

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