14 2 5 3 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come 98 3 4 Ecological connectivity and expansion of transport in the Alps Stefan MARZELLI ifuplan Institute for Environmental Planning and Spatial Development Munich Germany Harry SEYBERT Bavarian Ministry of the Interior structures and transport Munich Germany Connectivity of ecosystems and habitats is very often compromised by transport infrastructure and impacts of traf c There is a basic contradiction between the objectives requirements and development of grey transport infrastructures and the development of green infrastructures according to the EU Biodiversity Strat egy or the EU Green Infrastructure Initiative As already outlined in chapter 2 of this publication the Alps have to be considered as an area with a high den sity of biodiversity hot spots This is indicated by the extensive network of protected areas and the large pro portion of natural areas semi natural areas and farmed land with a high nature value Different studies and projects such as WWF 2004 ECONNECT or green alps have strived to delineate areas of major relevance for biodiversity conservation and ecological connectivity It is well established that ecological connectivity can not be limited to protected areas but must necessarily be constructed via semi natural habitats and landscape structures to create an ecological continuum outside of the protected areas This interconnection of habitats is of particular relevance for migrating species Transport infrastructures have manifold effects on ora fauna and habitats Roads and railways represent a different quality of habitat in terms of microclimate soil surface texture and hydrology The neighbourhood of such infrastructures is affected by air pollutants road salt noise and visual effects of transport infra structure itself as well as that of the traf c movements lights air pressure Finally animals crossing such in frastructures are often killed in traf c accidents Traf c related effects depend on traf c density and are severe Numerous accidents with wildlife were observed in the past on this section of the RD1090 in the department Isère in France During the project Path of Life this road section was secured by installing some alarm systems indicating to drivers the current presence of wildlife near the road using special flashing road signs

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