14 2 5 3 83 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come How does working with stakeholders affect im plementation measures for ecological connec tivity in practical terms We have actually reached a point where we no longer have to discuss the need for or the mean ing of ecological networks It has become com monly accepted opinion that such connectivity has many advantages and also that you have to do something for it Together with the communi ties the state administrations various nature user groups and private interest groups we have implemented many results from projects on ecological connectivity creating legally binding practices but also voluntary actions We have redesigned the landscape and land use plans of municipalities and created an overall landscape master plan with set measures at set points This is the result of consensus and all the actors I mentioned implement these measures in their respective areas of responsibility These may be for example more extensive agricultural practices with and without state compensation arrange ments for land use or settlement development and active species conservation and management measures We have also built infrastructure for visitors and inhabitants such as a cross border thematic trail on ecological connectivity Such actions are taken without a lot of bureaucracy sometimes a bit unof cially but always results and task oriented What would you recommend to other regions that may just be starting out with the establish ment of ecological networks Where does one start what is most important The local situation matters a great deal Such networks always include representatives of very different organisations administrations and social groups All of them have to be willing and able to listen to one another they have to be willing to compromise and importantly they have to be entitled to make decisions And even after dif cult discussions it has to be possible to have a beer together afterwards After all we are always talking about people dealing with people Viewed from the technical point you need an organisation individual who takes the lead who provides the process with content numbers data and facts It is important to keep repeating that we do not live by the power from the socket but that we depend on our natural foundations for life These we have to conserve promote or improve And here we are again back to biodiversity eco system services and ecological connectivity What would be the most important next steps in Berchtesgaden My answer may not surprise you We have a number of larger quite costly measures on our wish list At the moment all of us each in their area of responsi bility are looking for suitable projects and or funds to carry out these plans I can promise that we will all sit around the table again to shape the imple mentation of new connectivity measures During the ECONNECT project measures to improve ecological connectivity for various fish species were realised on the River Saletbach between the Königssee and the Oberseelakes in the National Park Berchtes gaden Further actions are currently realised in this area also in cooperation with the local fishermen

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