14 2 5 3 82 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come Because of your many years working towards ecological connectivity in the Berchtesgaden region you have a lot of experience in network ing with various local stakeholders What is the best way to start building such stakeholder networks There are no recipes It is important to analyse the complexity of the question or topic Mono thematic questions tend to lead to single individ uals multi thematic questions to several people that sometimes also have some kind of relation ship to one another You have to be willing to invest a lot of time to nd a personal connection through meeting and talking processes and eventually to nd common ground for all the concerned parties Then I am able to bring them together around a table and to negotiate things in a positive communicative atmosphere and to get to a result that is carried by everyone It s not the organisations and institutions that have to act together but their representatives people like you and me How can one get the local population interested in the sometimes rather abstract topics of ecological connectivity It is very important to translate the results of projects and studies into the language and thinking of the people who live there using examples that they are familiar with and know from their daily life For this you need excellent communication skills a lot of imagination and the conviction and tenacity to stay on topic Ideally you get outside support and don t have to go it alone In Berchtesgaden was it possible to bring about a general appreciation of biodiversity and ecosys tem services If so how Yes I think so Local people know exactly from their daily lives and work that together one can achieve more and that there can be an added value for them from this It is the same for biodiversity and ecosystem services If you have a protected area with the principal goal of conserving biodiversity and natural processes at your doorstep from which you get services and in addition many visitors and tourists then as a protected area manager you have to be able to clearly illustrate this added value for the region As a consequence one can assign a purely people centred monetary value to this protected area with its biodiversity and its eco system services and this leads to a feeling of belonging to a distinctive region with something special But this does not happen by itself For this you need research for your database com munication for implementation readiness to act as service provider for example with offers of a well maintained trail network solid educational activities guided tours and environmental edu cation events and you also have to realise that the region with its protected area is also people s home and their living and economic space Interview with Dr Michael VOGEL Director National Park Berchtesgaden Berchtesgaden Germany Box 3 Working with stakeholders in the Pilot Region Berchtesgaden Salzburg

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