Areas with strict protection status Altitude Nature reserve National park Core area Regional park Italy Zones above 1 000 metres above sea level Zones above 2 000 metres above sea level Zones above 2 500 metres above sea level Major city Major river Water bodies Alpine Convention perimeter National border 1 4 2 5 3 72 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come Map 8 Areas with strict protection status and altitudinal level spaces can make a conservation concept of spaces in between protected areas possible thereby in suring a long term evolution of well functioning ecosystems In any case active procedures are required in these situations in order to capitalise on the existing potential which is equal to Eco logical Potential areas The map number 8 shows the protected areas of the Alps with a relatively strong protection status IUCN I II IV Those areas together with some Natura 2000 sites which can be found at all altitudinal levels could be a solid foundation for the de nition of Ecologi cal Potential areas see map 9 2 4 3 Towards a connectivity conservation management framework To insure ecological connectivity at an Alps wide scale a planning concept and a conservation management framework seems crucial The Alpine Convention in concert with the macro regional strategy of the Alps could be a political foundation for such a conservation framework by concretely involving the Alpine states and the European Union However such a concept assumes that all measures are based on a common vision with shared elements whose de nitions are agreed upon Connectivity con servation management itself can be classi ed into three main contextual domains NATURE PEOPLE MANAGEMENT The nature context of the Alps is the main driver for connectivity conservation actions as described above and requires the involvement of local people decision makers and experts which results in the management of those actions The people context includes aspects like the socio economic dimension in addition to the natural and spiritual values of a territory or region The management context tackles issues of how land is legally and institutionally organised planned and managed Worboys 2010 in Implementation Recom mendations of ECONNECT 2010 A connectivity conservation management framework includes the following management functions which are structured according to a conventional process of management see Figure 2 Page 76

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