5 000 2 000 5 000 750 2 000 400 750 150 400 50 150 5 50 5 Population density inhab km2 Alpine Protected Areas Nature reserve National park Core area National park Buffer area Regional Nature park UNESCO Biosphere Reserve UNESCO World Heritage Site Major city Major river Water bodies Alpine Convention perimeter National border 1 4 2 5 3 68 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come Map 6 Population density and Alpine protected areas Intact diverse landscapes as pictured here in this valley in South Tyrol still remain in different parts of the Alps They need to be identified at an Alps wide scale in order to include them in a coherent landscape planning con cept for the whole Alpine area parties of the convention Monaco France Swit zerland Liechtenstein Austria Germany Italy and Slovenia While speci c measures for the protection of such sites and areas may not be essential in the majority of situations it is nonetheless necessary to improve knowledge and understanding of these habitats and ecosystems and to appreciate the species needs for migration potential A land management plan for each of such sites would help to insure a long term conservation process of connectivity by including economic social and cultural features of the site Such a land management plan allows an adaptive management and governance of resilience that must not be limited to individual elements of an ecological network corridors core zones but

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