14 2 5 3 56 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come The corridor contract for the area of the ecological corridor linking the Nature Park Massiv des Bauges and the Nature Park Chartreuse foresees various measures pertaining to existing water courses like here the building of an under path at a bridge crossing the Coisetan river species protection in 1977 The provisions of this decree are codi ed in the Environment Code MEDDE 2012 The protection of habitats needed by species living in aquatic environments was later added and more re cently France has legally protected ecosystems and eco logical connectivity in a series of national laws DREAL PACA 2014 In the French Alps there are three National Parks Écrins Vanoise and Mercantour in addition to other protected areas Apart from the Ministry of Environment decision making bodies at the national level include the Grenelle Environment Forum National Sustainable Development Committee CNDDGE a consultative body associated with the development monitoring and evaluation of the Biodiversity Strategy In compliance with the Grenelle I Act article 25 the Government established a National Biodiversity Observatory ONB which is responsible for monitoring all activities at the interface of biodiversity and society MEDDTL 2011 In accordance with the Environment Code the frame work document National Guidelines for the Preser vation and Restoration of Ecological Connectivity was developed under the aegis of the green and blue network trame verte et bleue and was adopted by a Council of State decree in 2014 MEDDE 2014 France published a new National Biodiversity Strategy for 2011 2020 La Stratégie nationale pour la biodiver sité in 2011 in line with the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020 as well as the National Sustainable Development Strategy SNDD MEDDTL 2011 The Strategy is di vided into six interacting strategic goals and twenty targets Most important in this context is Target 5 Build a green infrastructure including a coherent network of protected areas This target addresses the need for species to be able to move and therefore the need to de ne preserve and restore a coherent network of green and blue infrastructure on all ter ritorial levels At the same time Target 6 Preserve and restore ecosystems and their functioning is relevant as it concerns the preservation of ecosystems and the restoration of those that have become fragmented or otherwise damaged as a matter of priority Also quite important because this is a challenge in all countries is Target 14 Ensure consistency between public policies on all scales referring in particular to consistency in spatial planning documents at the territorial level and to coordination between the different scales of organi sation in implementing the Strategy and developing or reviewing regional and local biodiversity strategies For further details refer to the National Biodiversity Strategy document For clari cation purposes it is worth noting the use of a slightly different terminology here than in Austria The Grenelle law identi es the regional level as a particu larly relevant intervention level at which to preserve biodiversity and includes the development of regional and local strategies Unlike in Austria and Germany where the federal structure divides the countries into provinces federal states or Länder in France the largest administrative unit after national state is the region région The National Strategy is meant not only as a commitment of the National Government but also to guide local authorities actions including regional strategies action plans and projects Therefore the French Alpine regions of concern here have developed their own matching regional biodiversity strategies In terms of implementation of connectivity measures France has developed a Regional Scheme of Eco logical Coherence Schéma Régional de Cohérence Ecologique SRCE which blends biodiversity conser vation and land management Région Rhône Alpes not dated This in turn is a component of the above men tioned national green and blue network concept The state and the regional environment directorates direc tions régionales de l environnement de l aménagement et du logement DREAL jointly develop the SRCE Both the Rhône Alpes region and the PACA region have prepared their own biodiversity strategies in line with the national strategy in 2014 and 2015 respec tively In Rhône Alpes the natural area network is

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