48 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come Chapter 2 presents an overview of the Alpine activities concerning ecological con nectivity that have been carried out in a coordinated manner over the last twelve years Indeed various actions have been taken in the Alpine context aimed at im plementing a pan Alpine ecological network as foreseen by the Alpine Convention the international treaty signed by the countries of the Alpine Arc Protected areas are given a specific role in this context placing them as key players in a wider ter ritorial context the Pilot Region approach and as such they are driving forces for the implementation of ecological connectivity A central challenge of all pan Alpine activities is to guarantee the coherence between the international actions and the various national regional provincial and local settings that differ significantly from one another Nevertheless a classification is proposed allowing a categorisation of Alpine areas according to their degree of vulnerability concerning ecological con nectivity Since the first steps in 2003 significant progress has been achieved as the example of the project Netzwerk Naturwald in the Pilot Region Northern Limestone Alps illustrates concretely The importance of the activities carried out in the Pilot Regions is highlighted by two local stakeholders giving a lively impression of con crete impacts on local and regional connectivity and the added value of addressing this crucial topic at an additional Alpine international level Introduction 2 Current status of Alpine ecological networks

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