14 2 5 3 46 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come The ecosystemic approach to landscape is based on a number of principles developed by or ap plied in landscape ecology The hierarchical eco logical networks method is a new more complex method for ecological network design rmly founded on recognised scienti c principles The principles underlying the ecological networks approach have been described in detail in the nal report of the Swiss National Ecological Net work Project Berthoud al 2004 Prior to that the account of a partial practical application of the method was published in the context of This text is issued from the ECONNECT Publication Methodological guide of the hierarchical ecological networks Berthoud 2010 the departmental ecological network of the Isère ECONAT 2001 An account of a complete practical application of the hierarchically organized ecological networks method has not yet been published but already exists in the form of technical charts drawn up for various partial applications The ECONNECT project constitutes an opportunity to present the method as it was applied in its entirety and progressively cali brated over a period of ten years in projects focused on the French department of the Isère The hierarchical ecological networks Ten years of experiments in Isère Guy BERTHOUD ECONAT Concept Yverdon les Bains Switzerland Box 1

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