14 2 5 3 30 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come 1 3 3 Different styles in different countries In France protected areas cover more than 800 000 hectares about one fth of the French Alps The high average altitude combined with a pronounced abandonment of rural areas made it slightly easier to create the three national parks Particularly in the 1970s their creation was seen as a means of coun tering the widespread development of ski resorts in the Alps The same is not true for the eight in habited regional nature parks which were founded under local development policies from the early 1970s on With the exception of the Queyras and the more Mediterranean parks of Luberon Verdon Prealpes d Azur the regional nature parks are all in the Prealps Bauges Chartreuse Vercors Baronnies provençales The regional park of Alpilles abuts the Alpine area Often located close to large conurba tions the parks tend to be popular with town dwell ers as recreational areas At least two further regional nature parks are due to be created in the next two years to complete the range of regional parks in the southern French Alps In Bavaria the Alpine Plan Alpen Plan established in 1972 divided the land into different zones including tranquil zones Ruhezone which make up 42 percent of the whole area Under the plan 19 extensive nature reserves were cre ated or expanded and the only German Alpine na tional park was established Berchtesgaden Today this most successful concept of territorial planning in the Alps seems to be under pressure as persistently low snowfall at ski resorts prompts decisions in favour of new cable transports linking neighbouring skiing areas even in the most protected part of the plan Switzerland has a long history of nature conserva tion and the reserves are usually fairly small forming a more or less continuous network of protected areas in each canton The one national park has the strictest conservation rules in the Alps The UNESCO Biosphere The Triglav National Park is the only Alpine national park in Slovenia but is a model for national protected areas policy

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