246 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come Map 1 Protected areas of the Alps 18 Map 2 Historical evolution of Alpine Protected Areas 26 Map 3 Species analysis Habitat Suitability Model for different species in the Carpathians 42 Map 4 The Yellowstone to Yukon conservation initiative along the western coast of the USA 45 Map 5 Non fragmented areas in the Alps and protected areas in the Alps 66 Map 6 Population density and Alpine Protected Areas 68 Map 7 Land use and Alpine Protected Areas 70 Map 8 Areas with strict protection status and altitudinal level 72 Map 9 Alpine Protected Areas and Natura 2000 Emerald sites 74 Map 10 Reclassi ed CSI Alps for areas below 1 800 metres above sea level with priority action areas 146 Map 11 Of cial Alpine Convention Pilot Regions for Ecological Connectivity 156 Map 12 Pilot Regions for ecological connectivity and Alpine Protected Areas 158 Map 13 Pilot Regions for ecological connectivity and types of implemented measures 160 Map 14 Land use and ecological connectivity 178 Map 15 Population density and ecological connectivity 180 Map 16 Strategic Alpine Connectivity Area SACA Category 1 Ecological intervention areas 192 Map 17 Non fragmented areas and altitudinal level 196 Map 18 Strategic Alpine Connectivity Area SACA Category 2 Ecological conservation areas 198 Map 19 Alpine Protected Areas Natura 2000 Emerald sites and altitudinal level 204 Map 20 Natura 2000 and Emerald sites above 1 500 metre 206 Map 21 Strategic Alpine Connectivity Area SACA Category 3 Ecological potential areas 208 Map 22 Synthesis map of Alpine ecological connectivity 218 Map 23 Synthesis map based on Continuum Suitability Index CSI Analysis 220 List of maps Abbreviations AGL Action Group Leader AKK Alpine Carpathian corridor ALPARC Alpine Network of Protected Areas ASP Alpine Space Programme BfN German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation Germany BMLFUW Federal Ministry of Agriculture Forestry Environment and Water Management Austria BMU Federal Ministry for the Environment Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Germany BMUB Federal Ministry for the Environment Nature Conservation Building and Nuclear Safety Germany BMVIT Ministry for Transport Innovation and Technology Austria BNatSchG Bundesnaturschutzgesetz BOKU University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna CAP Common Agricultural Policy CBD Convention on Biological Diversity CICES Common International Classi cation of Ecosystem Services CIPRA International Commission for the Protection of the Alps CMS Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals CNDDGE Grenelle Environment Forum National Sustainable Development Committee

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