14 2 5 3 23 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come The Alpine nature protection is of course part of EU policies and has its own framework convention The Alpine Convention www alpconv org with its protocol on Conservation of Nature and the Countryside How ever this means that funds must be available to imple ment the binding directives of the Alpine Convention as much as those of national laws Legal obligations have to be ful lled even if they encounter resistance from diverse stakeholder groups Today the most important barriers to a successful im plementation of nature protection are very often social and cultural ones The endless pitting of economic interests against nature protection doesn t generate so lutions All too often this exchange promotes polemic debate and projects inaccurate impressions of EU na ture protection policies Political courage is required to implement some of the most urgent nature protection goals and to convince local stakeholders of their value The preservation of one of the largest connected natu ral areas in Europe and its diversity is the central goal of the Alpine Convention The needs of inhabitants and the meaning of the Alps as an economic space are also primary considerations Therefore different protocols There are numerous bene ciaries according to the scale of the implementation of a sustainable and modern nature protection policy in the Alps applying the con cept of ecological connectivity not just the protection of fauna ora and habitats in an isolated manner 1 2 4 Conclusions Nature protection with the people and for the people Nature protection including a governance concept and a sustainable management system of the Alpine space as a foundation of a modern approach to nature protection is future orientated EU Strategies like the EU2020 biodiversity strategy are potentially aligned with the needs of the Alpine space in terms of sustain able and inclusive growth Nevertheless these large scale strategies need more regional and local involve ment Targets like the maintenance and enhancement of ecosystems and their services with special commit ments to establish green infrastructure and to restore 15 percent of degraded ecosystems target 2 of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2007 to 2013 are logical on a European scale but absolutely must be translated to the territorial level and should include concrete processes in cooperation with local stakeholders Landscape of the Pfyn Finges Nature Park in Switzerland The numerous small landscape structures hedges forest patches meadows offer good movement opportunities to many species

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