14 2 5 3 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come 225 The scienti c community describes connectivity as connectedness of processes In its original sense this term addresses ecological aspects When interpreted in a broader sense it might also be seen as a short vision statement of the EUSALP Action Group 7 as it aims for better coordination between national policies across different sectors and in spatial terms Due to its multidimensional character improved connec tivity calls for growth beyond the given institu tional framework by more closely connecting actors and complementing Alpine connectivity governance approaches Therefore EUSALP provides an innovative framework involving different policy elds across state borders and administrative levels Composed of representatives from Alpine states and regions as well as of advising members with different institutional backgrounds the Action Group aims to establish a comprehensive macro regional scheme in the Alpine Region ensuring a broad consistent and coordinated process It endeavours to enhance Alpine ecological con nectivity on a larger scale and to make the Alps a uni ed candidate for a Green Infrastructure GI of European wide importance TEN G This can be achieved by de ning the concept of GI on a more regional level re ecting links between the core area and the surroundings between rural and urban areas as well as through links with other mountain regions This inclusive approach will build on the rich knowledge and cooperation structures in the Alps It will strive to capitalise on existing knowledge and enhance coherence of information By sharing the concept of ecological connectivity with a wide range of sectors the Action Group 7 will enter into a transdisciplinary dialogue with a view to developing strategic implementation concepts An accompany ing nancial dialogue will help to identify speci c needs for funding mechanisms and to make better use of appropriate nancing options All in all the EUSALP AG 7 can be understood as a strategic hub connecting various aspects of the topic in order to achieve a better coordination of actors and to subsequently contribute to a more integrated Alpine landscape development EUSALP AG 7 is in its rst operational phase jointly lead by the Bavarian Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection Michaela Künzl and the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation Tina Trampuš Michaela KÜNZL Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection Munich Germany Tina TRAMPUŠ Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation Izola Slovenia Box 11 Connecting Alpine actors A short pro le of EUSALP AG 7 Developing ecological connectivity in the entire EUSALP territory

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