14 2 5 3 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come 220 of the interdependencies leads to results that are ulti mately not relevant when informing policy Further more the work in the past two decades indicates that maintaining and restoring ecological connectivity and biodiversity conservation in the Alps is most likely a so called superwicked problem implying the need for novel approaches in addressing this issue As has been previously suggested by others we also feel strongly that the usual backward looking method of investigating the past and generating selective and singular predictions is only suf cient for tame prob lems but wholly inadequate for highly dynamic and interconnected environmental conservation problems In order to address the complex issue of an Alpine eco logical continuum it appears necessary to apply a for ward reasoning approach that identi es possible future scenarios and integrates uncertainties The work of the past decades also very clearly re ects the sectoral structure of society governance and ad ministration with respect to environmental problems in general To overcome this an integrative transdisci plinary and trans sectoral approach is necessary What appears to be missing in order to nd a common start ing point in addressing the problem of the Alpine eco logical continuum is a common strategy or vision While total agreement among all actors in the search for a common denominator cannot be a realistic goal a clear vision that expresses the joint aspirations of po litical leaders administrations managers and individu als without blocking avenues for constructive debate and argument to support and sustain connectivity conservation may be an excellent starting point In our view ecological connectivity can constitute a common agreed starting point for trans sectoral deliberations on biodiversity conservation However in order to not become overburdened by the complexity of the issue during the process it appears essential to address the inherent complexity within a well re ected and clearly delineated framework The spatially de ned hypotheses of different Strategic Alpine Conservation Areas SACA outlined in this pub lication need to be veri ed on the ground and solutions must be effectively implemented through local and regional measures In order for these efforts to be fruit ful and lasting it is crucial to invest further resources in concrete ground analyses and responses to ecological connectivity aiming to protect biodiversity for genera tions to come Map 23 Synthesis map based on Continuum Suitability Index CSI Analysis Alpine Protected AreasContinuum suitability index Poor area Action area Transition zone Hotspot Major city Major river Water bodies Alpine Convention perimeter National border Nature reserve National park Core area Regional Nature park

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