14 2 5 3 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come 218 The maps identify connectivity hotspots in the south eastern and south western parts of the Alps areas where this high potential of connectivity needs to be conserved by corresponding means see also article 5 5 According to the results shown on both maps active intervention should be concentrated on the edges of the Alpine Convention perimeter SACA category 2 Based on the CSI calculations such areas are clearly identi ed on the north eastern edge of the Alps In these areas activities described in article 5 5 for SACA category 2 needs to be implemented as a priority The expert knowledge re ected in the SACAs is con rmed by the GIS based JECAMI analysis and both maps are complementary in this sense Both highlight the most fragmented inner Alpine valleys and both illuminate almost identical areas of high biodiversity potential These are areas that should either be con served through appropriate measures or be developed by active intervention creating larger non fragmented spaces This double approach of expert knowledge and spatial analysis con rms the hypotheses of this pub lication and invites collaboration between concrete expertise and targeted policies and actions in order to conserve connectivity and thereby biodiversity beyond 2030 in the Alps and for the next generations 5 6 9 Final considerations The gaps of knowledge in conserving and restoring connectivity emphasised in this publication make evi dent that these involve a highly dynamic and intercon nected process rather than a simplistic and straight forward approach It appears essential to reconcile the dynamic and complex nature of the problem with the problem solving approaches Inadequate simpli cation Map 22 Synthesis map of Alpine ecological connectivity Landscape of the south western part of the Alps here in the French department Alpes de Haute Provence that has been identi ed as an areas with high potential for connectivity Major city Major river Water bodies Alpine Convention perimeter National border Population density inhab km2 5 50 50 150 150 400 400 1 000 1 000 SACA Category 2 High Medium SACA Category 1 Corridors SACA Category 3 Nature reserve National park Core area Regional Nature park Alpine Protected AreasStrategic Alpine Connectivity Areas Barriers for connectivity High barrier Low barrier

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