14 2 5 3 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come 211 inner Alpine areas potential connectivity areas must take the spatial links to habitats and ecosystems sur rounding the Alps into account 5 5 6 Recommendations for future biodiversity and connectivity policy The following recommendations are given in light of the described scenarios Ecological connectivity is a long term project and one important pillar of nature protection Policies and measures need to be adapted to dif ferent kinds of areas ecological intervention areas ecological conservation areas ecological potential areas in order to be ef cient and feasible It is important that all current nature protection policies and especially those strategies related to ecological connectivity anticipate and integrate future economic developments This includes amongst others transport and infrastructure devel opment new technologies industrial production and their potential location Furthermore it is essential to adopt a long term perspective that also Alps A special Action Group Action Group 7 is pres ently dealing with this issue and attempting to develop strategies for all Alpine countries to attain a more per meable landscape matrix in and around the mountain massif These actions will insure movements to and from the Alps Particular attention is given by the Ac tion Group to the surrounding metropolitan areas and their Green Infrastructure concepts to spatially inter sect with Alpine ecosystems and territories Together with the Platform Ecological Network of the Alpine Convention there is an institutional and political acknowledgement of the importance of the topic Both of cial groups are cooperating and will ensure a coher ent approach between inner Alpine connectivity strate gies and those within the entire Macro Region At a po litical level ecological connectivity today is recognised as a major pillar of biodiversity conservation This provides opportunities to use this momentum to stimulate deci sive further steps towards achieving the described goals for biodiversity conservation until 2030 It seems crucial that the macro regional context is considered systematically when analysing ecologi cal connectivity in the direction of large connected areas within the Alps Similarly all large connected The provision of clean water is an important ecosystem service of Alpine areas An ecosystem service approach could be one way to increase financial resources to finance the implementation of ecological connectivity measures

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