14 2 5 3 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come 208 14 centimetres should be planted and should be well adapted to the chosen site 4 Involve local stakeholders in long term manage ment and monitoring In light of the previous statements it is evident that all relevant local stakeholders and decision makers need to be involved from the onset To learn about intentions of connectivity or another land use from external sources will alienate local stakehold ers and engender mistrust in every project Local stakeholders are also needed for the long term monitoring of the success of connectivity measures Example of measure Volunteer programmes Some providers offer various target groups for example families companies schools and private individuals the opportunity to undertake voluntary work in the ecological sphere for example in woodlands Participants thus make an active contri bution to forest climate and species protection while gaining a very intensive experience of the ecosystem at the same time The purpose of the volunteering is to improve habitat quality at speci c project sites Rel evant programmes also inform the volunteers about connections within the various habitats and make a contribution to sensitisation and awareness raising Focusing measures on the creation of a biotope net work is an option in this context Cooperation through current corporate social responsibility initiatives also helps to raise environmental awareness and increase knowledge of the importance of connectivity measures in an up to date way while drawing attention to the problems arising in this context 5 Involve all relevant political levels From the very beginning on the different political levels need to be involved This may concern mainly ministries on the national level regional authorities competent for protected area management and local level administrations for the management of nature reserves for example according to the legal frame work of the different Alpine countries An important partner for the issue of connectivity is the Alpine Convention Its legal framework has the level of an international treaty and the protocols if rati ed are binding in all Alpine countries except Switzerland The creation of ecological connectivity is clearly laid down in one of the articles of the Convention article 12 of the Nature Protection Protocol Map 21 Strategic Alpine Connectivity Area SACA Category 3 Ecological potential areas Alpine Protected Areas Barriers for connectivity High barrier Low barrier Major city Major river Water bodies Alpine Convention perimeter National border Connectivity potential High Medium Nature reserve National park Core area Regional Nature park Land use impact 0 10 10 30 30 70 70 90 90 100 Strategic Alpine Connectivity Areas SACA Category 3

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