14 2 5 3 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come 206 development of a biotope network and works actively to ensure that appropriate measures are implemented on its property the tenants can also be sensitised to the importance of the biotope network and the tenan cies are then linked to the implementation of relevant measures In order to increase acceptance of the bio tope network and plan appropriate measures the plan ning process should involve as many different stake holders as possible besides church workers this should include nature conservation experts local community representatives farmers and more Appropriate public relations work can be used to encourage similar initia tives in other regions 3 Analyse the possibilities and links for potential areas Different measures and methods lead to the crea tion of potential connectivity areas This includes the creation of corridors for wildlife migration special methods of agriculture and forestry that allow species migration during the most important seasons the creation of stepping stones small adapted habitats where species can make a break feeling safe and secure during their migrations or last but not least the extension of existing protected areas The implementation of all these measures is primarily a question of their social economic and political acceptance Every situation is speci c and needs people who take care as well as adapted tools procedures and solutions Common to all is that every case needs political negotiation and ulti mately buy in Example of measure Planting of individual trees or tree groups Individual trees and small tree groups are a key element of the landscape and have high ecological signi cance They provide habitats and refuge for many different animal species and are therefore valuable stepping stones in the biotope network They also enrich the appearance of the landscape for example by visually enhancing large areas of farmland and increase its recreational value for example by providing shade for seating ar eas Due to their cultural and historical value as well for example as symbols of peace or where they had a role in the execution of justice individual trees have landscape signi cance Old trees in particular should be preserved in farmland one reason being that their cavities provide particularly valuable micro habitats The planting of new trees should also be supported Trees with a trunk circumference of at least 12 to Map 20 Natura 2000 and Emerald sites above 1 500 metres Major city Major river Water bodies Alpine Convention perimeter National border Areas above 1 500 metres Nature 2000 areas and Emerald sites

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