14 2 5 3 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come 198 biotope network projects at the local level spatial and landscape planners and municipal administrations have a role to play as key actors alongside the nature conservation organisations which are often the driv ing forces behind biotope network projects Local in formation events and guided tours with bi directional exchange to collect local knowledge are a good way of informing these actors as well as other stakehold ers such as farmers hunters and more about the issue of biotope networks and ecological connectivity and ways of realising them in practice In order to ensure the success of these initiatives it is important to pre pare summary documentation for example a manual with decision making aids and to present the bene ts and value addition that such projects can generate at a local level for example multifunctionality of cor ridors which are signi cant not only in ecological terms but also perform key social functions as spaces for leisure and recreation as well as economic func tions for example through the sustainable and non intensive management of roadside grass verges 3 Possible threats for the future needs to be identi ed The impacts of current or future activities need to be analysed A scenario of the future develop ment of the area must be considered in order to de ne mitigation measures and legal frameworks as needed to prevent impacts from these threats 4 Local stakeholders need to be involved Successful long term conservation of these areas must integrate local stakeholders during the plan ning process and when implementing tools and measures The political and social acceptance of the employed measures and land use constraints are vital to the nal success of the strategy Example of measure Agreements on environmentally compatible prac tice of sports with sportspersons and associations Many of the sports carried out in the natural envi ronment can cause major disturbance and even the destruction of habitats Mountain biking paraglid ing canoeing and climbing are just a few examples In order to guarantee that sports are practised in a more environmentally compatible manner agree ments for sensitive areas can be reached with sports groups and associations One example is the climb ing strategy adopted by the German Alpine Associa tion DAV Many rocky crags and rock faces provide refuge for rare and protected species of ora and fauna To ensure that these unique biotopes are not Map 18 Strategic Alpine Connectivity Area SACA Category 2 Ecological conservation areas Land use impactBarriers for connectivity Connectivity potential High barrier Low barrier High Medium 0 10 10 30 30 70 70 90 90 100 Major city Major river Water bodies Alpine Convention perimeter National border

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