14 2 5 3 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come 196 for such areas are necessary and need to be harmo nised between the individual Alpine countries The Alpine Convention constitutes a framework for such a coordinated approach and the results from several EU funded projects and analyses concerning ecological connectivity enable an initial knowledge based pro cedure for the entire Alps Another important aspect is that the selected areas must be well allocated in their spatial distribution in order to cover all important hab itats and altitudinal levels Conservation areas situated only at higher altitudes in the Alps are not suf cient and inherently lead to fragmentation at lower altitudes These ecological conservation areas can still be found in many parts of the Alps Regions that are not frag mented by extensive infrastructure important settle ments increased economic or industrial activities have more of these areas Today it is important to create or implement existing legal frameworks to conserve these areas and to protect them from new threats Actions and measures employed Concrete and coordinated action involving all relevant stakeholders should take place in order to proceed to wards an ef cient conservation strategy for these still well functioning areas 1 Identi cation of the locations of well functioning ecological connectivity areas Indicators such as the demographic index of an area surface area habitat types length of barri ers and edge density vegetation should allow identi cation and classi cation of the areas to be conserved by speci cally adapted legislation and measures see as well the indicators of the JECAMI tool description in chapter 4 4 Map 17 shows that large areas are presently not fragmented How ever it also shows that many of these areas are in existing protected areas and or at altitudes over 2 000 metres This indicates that the role of these areas for Alpine connectivity is limited 2 Veri cation in situ The identi ed sites must be visited and an in depth local evaluation involving experts and local stake holder is crucial Example of measure Guided tours and information events For the imple mentation of measures and thus the realisation of Map 17 Non fragmented areas and altitudinal level Alpine Protected AreasNon fragmented areas Early stage Transformation stage Advanced stage Core area Areas above 2 000 metres Major city Major river Water bodies Alpine Convention perimeter National border Nature reserve National park Core area Regional Nature park

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