168 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come The future Beyond the current continuum Introduction 5 This last chapter gives a perspective on the question of how ecological con nectivity could look in 2030 in which context it will be placed how it could be financed and what are the influencing factors for this essential issue of Alpine biodiversity Marianne Badura and colleagues analyse the Macro Regional Strategy context which has just arisen for the Alps and provides a new larger political context for the management of the Alpine space as well as for ecologi cal topics Dorothea Palenberg and Marianne Badura also describe the funding opportunities for ecological connectivity within EU programmes and the devel opment of adapted funding strategies Green Infrastructure is a current topic of the EU commission and Julie Raynal gives some clear statements about the procedures and requirements of the commission determining how to improve this structural element of connectivity for Europe and especially for the Alpine space Reaching further the importance of the transition to the outer Alpine ar eas becomes very clear with the map presented in the article from Ruedi Haller Maja Rapp and Guido Plassmann demonstrating that the biggest barriers for ecological connectivity are around the Alps

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