14 2 5 3 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come 160 the single initiatives is necessary as long as they all stick to the overall goal and agree on the shared vision for the Alps This is an obligation mandated by the Platform Ecological Network of the Alpine Convention as well as in the frame of the larger international Alpine projects on the topic such as ECONNECT or greenAlps 4 7 3 Governance of Pilot Regions The governance of the Pilot region is an important issue that has been addressed in very different ways As already stated the notion of a protected area s adminis tration acting outside the boundaries of its territory on such a subject is new to the protected areas managers as well as to the stakeholders and depending on the local situation is not always the best solution It may be successful as in the Berchtesgaden Salzburg Pilot Region where the National Park had the chance to be closely involved in the spatial planning processes and could support the strong consideration of connectivity aspects in the planning tools In other regions like the Rhaetian Triangle the Swiss National Park the admin istrations that initially promoted the issue then handed it over to a local foundation insuring governance pro cedures closer to the local stakeholders The activities of the Pilot Region can also support re gional tendencies to nd alternative ways of cooperat ing in this eld as well as others The idea of creating transboundary Biosphere Reserves as one answer to the governance challenge in Pilot Regions is currently being analysed in Austria and at the Italian Slovenian border This represents an option that not only facili tates the cooperation across borders but would also create an additional link between different sectors and give the opportunity to place ecological connectivity as a transversal working subject for all topics treated in the frame of such a regional cooperation 4 7 4 Results in Pilot Regions The range of results achieved in Pilot Regions is as broad as the dynamics of the single regions are diverse It goes from small scale speci c actions like the instal lation of signal ball on aerial cables in skiing areas to prevent bird collisions in a sensitive area in the South western Alps Pilot Region through the restoration and preservation of the six main biological corridors in the Gresivaudan valley French Department Isère to strategic planning actions such as the Transboundary region Berchtesgaden Salzburg The origins of the Map 13 Pilot Regions for ecological connectivity and types of implemented measures Types of measures for ecological connectivity Habitat management Stakeholder participation Agriculture Ski resorts Spatial planning Awareness raising Tourism Major city Major river Water bodies Alpine Convention perimeter National border Ofªcial Pilot Regions for Ecological Connectivity Pilot Region

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