14 2 5 3 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come 158 and special habitats will be conserved In the Trans boundary Area Berchtesgaden Salzburg the revitalisa tion of the Saletbach improved the ecological quality of a human in uenced river by supporting natural dy namics and restoring the natural connections between aquatic and terrestrial habitats Restoration measures included also the river channel which had been de graded by human activity before In several Alpine Pilot Regions individual larger projects to improve ecological connectivity were carried out The French department Isère for example launched a proc ess to de ne and restore the most important biological corridors of the region in 2001 Berthoud 2001 It was the rst French department to do so and also among the rst territories in the Alps to concretise such an ambitious project the project Path of Life A presenta tion of the project s results was provided in May 2015 showing not only an important investment in road crossing infrastructure for fauna migration but also important awareness raising measures and training efforts with local stakeholders These stakeholders in cluded farmers who had been a particularly invested and highly involved group The example of Isère is noteworthy among the activities in the Pilot regions and because of its pioneer character it is promoted as good practice example in the Pilot Region exchange Another point worth mentioning concerning this project is the sound scienti c evaluation of the ac tivities employed including a sociologic study of the stakeholder involvement and participation process Observatoire social de Lyon 2013 The example of the Austrian project NetzwerkNatur wald illustrates the link and synergies between the activities at a local level and the pan Alpine vision insuring the coherence of the activities throughout the Alpine mountain range It was possible to nance this project see box 2 and chapter 2 5 concerning the Pilot Region Northern Limestone Alps around the National Parks Kalkalpen and Gesäuse via a private foundation based on the former involvement of the region in the Alpine activities on ecological network Keeping a close link to the international Alpine level via the Platform Ecological Network and to other Pilot Regions guaran tees the complementarity of the actions on the ground and the vision developed for the Alpine Arc Like pieces of a puzzle the activities of the Alpine Pilot Regions should slowly build up the area wide Alpine ecological network The emancipation and autonomy of Maps 12 Pilot Regions for ecological connectivity and Alpine Protected Areas Major city Major river Water bodies Alpine Convention perimeter National border Nature reserve National park Core area National park Buffer area Regional Nature park Particular protection status UNESCO Biosphere Reserve UNESCO World Heritage Site Alpine Protected AreasOfªcial Pilot Regions for Ecological Connectivity Pilot Region

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