14 2 5 3 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come 151 managers and participants in the initiative without closing off avenues for constructive debate and dis putation to support and sustain connectivity con servation may be a starting point Possibly ecological connectivity can constitute a common anchor for trans sectoral deliberations on biodiversity conserva tion However in order to not become overburdened by the complexity of the issue it appears essential to address the inherent complexity within a well re ected investigational framework For this type of study to provide guidance and contribute towards conservation action implemen tation the results must be disseminated accordingly As has been pointed out previously bridging the gap of knowledge between research and conservation prac tice cannot be achieved with unidirectional platforms While other authors have suggested that new plat forms of bidirectional knowledge dissemination must be developed the authors of this study believe that it is more ef cient to employ and if necessary adapt existing information platforms inherently providing bidirectional links between policy makers the scienti c community and practitioners while encouraging more ef cient cooperation with other sectors In the opinion of this study s authors an initial task of the information platform should be to organise and facilitate research and conservation action ac tivities centred on the inter dependent questions identi ed in this study It is the authors opinion that this priority setting exercise and the subsequent dis semination of results will support research and fund ing institutions in channelling their capacities and resources towards questions that need to be urgently addressed in order to facilitate signi cant progress in biodiversity conservation in Europe and speci cally in the Alps Furthermore the de nition of 50 most important questions is an important rst step towards a common and harmonised approach in maintain ing and enhancing ecological connectivity across the heterogeneous Alpine arch Further reading Adapted from Walzer et al 2013 PLoS ONE 8 1 Landscape impression in the Pilot Region Raethian Triangle

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