14 2 5 3 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come 137 4 4 Mapping relevant factors for ecological connectivity The JECAMI mapping service Green bridge on French highway 4 4 1 Introduction Ecological connectivity is a core global issue in biodi versity conservation Crooks and Sanjayanm 2006 In Europe it is especially important in the Alps due to the region s rich biodiversity and variety of habitats but it is extremely limited nowadays by human activities particularly in valley bottoms Ecological connectivity concerns all Alpine territories at all governance levels regions communities and more and can only be en sured in the future by a common cross sectoral and cross scaling approach Van Dyke 2008 The question within the Interreg IV project ECON NECT Restoring the web of life Füreder Leopold et al 2011 formulated in the application proposal was as simple as it was demanding Mapping the relevant factors of ecological connectivity But what are the rel evant factors and for whom How can the potential for ecological connectivity be described for a landscape During the INTERREG IV project ECONNECT we investigated this complex requirement throughout the Alps and in seven Pilot Regions We separated structural and functional connectivity Baguette et al 2013 Crooks and Sanjayanm 2006 Hilty Lidicker and Merenlender 2006 Van Dyke 2008 based on particular species In order to increase public awareness we added to the pure ecological question a set of additional basic requirements 1 Generally applicable criteria to evaluate connectiv ity across the landscape had to be worked out 2 Access to the results for all stakeholders 3 Add spatial analysis tools available to all stake holders both across the Alps and locally 4 Allow for quality assessment comprehensible to experts 5 Analysis of the landscape in terms of ecological connectivity should be comparable with speci c requirements of individual species Rudolf HALLER Swiss National Park Zernez Switzerland

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