14 2 5 3 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come 120 conservation advisers who are able to visit farms and even create wildlife management plans are available to farmers and land managers This can be focused on both the ongoing management of habi tats and features that provide connectivity as well as on the creation of new areas for wildlife Other measures that can be carried out in agricultural elds to improve ecological connectivity include Kohler and Heinrichs 2011 Land set aside Areas of wild herbs on agricultural elds provide important areas for resting breeding feeding mating or cover Set aside areas distributed across the agricultural landscape can create high quality habitats for wild fauna and ora and thus con tribute on a sustainable basis to the conservation of characteristic communities in open farmland Fallow areas act as stepping stone biotopes Their in clusion in local spatial planning greatly increase their positive impact Extensive use of grasslands and organic farming Extensively used grasslands are extremely important for the biotope network due to their species richness Their extensive use with zero to moderate fertilization no use of plant protection products no ploughing up of grassland or sowing and low frequency of cutting and speci c mowing techniques can also help to im prove biotope functions The impact on an ecological network is increased if individual areas are integrated into a network of extensively used margins and scat tered dry meadows Organic farming has an extremely important role to play one reason being that it avoids and reduces the environmental stresses that can other wise arise in farming Furthermore the targeted crea tion of landscape elements ecological compensation areas such as hedgerows fallow areas forest strips and extensive meadows make an important contribution towards the promotion of biological diversity Species rich seeding on agricultural elds Species rich seeding of wild and cultivated plants on set aside or Structure rich rural landscape in the Mercantour National Park in France

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