14 2 5 3 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come 113 consequently following ESS for example cultural ESS Therefore in the Alpine region farmers could stand as guardians for supporting and regulating ESS In this approach they would through their activities become keepers of the landscape maintaining the biophysical ESS which in turn support touristic recreational ESS When assessing ESS it is important to adequately dif ferentiate biophysical ESS elemental ESS and the ba sis of a good quality of life from cultural recreational ESS Furthermore the biophysical ESS are components of non renewable natural capital or at best multigen erational renewable and cannot be replenished with components of manmade capital Turner et al 1996 For the implementation of robust management strate gies it is important to evaluate the ESS demand both at a regional and local level thus avoiding the risk of be ing misled by global values Biophysical ESS depend on ecologic and structural factors at a regional and local level The biophysical ESS interact strongly with each other so much so that it is necessary to identify clus ters of ESS For example the water related ESS integrate functions from different ecosystems for example river and riparian forest as denoted in the Water Framework Directive 2000 60 EC and Risk of oods 2007 60 EC for example water quality and quantity absorption capacity shing and more Figure 13 This observation and classi cation allows for the iden ti cation of more reasonable and objective answers to the improvement needs of mountain territories both from an ecologic and an economic perspective since Atmosphere Connectivity between spheres Supporting ecosystem processes ter and energy by biodiversity Geo sphere Biosphere Hydro sphere ESS Supporting Nutrient cycling Soil formation Primary production ESS Regulating Climate regulation Disease regulation Pedosphere Built Capital Human Capital Social Capital Security Personal safety Resource safety Secure from disasters Material Livelihoods Food Shelter Health Strength Feeling well Clean air and water Social Relations Social cohesion Mutual respect Ability to help others Freedom of choice and action Opportun ity to be able to achieve what an individual values doing and being Constituents of well being ESS Provi sioning Food Water Fiber ESS Cultural Spiritual Religious Aesthetic Figure 13 Framework for natural capital and biophysical ESS base for ecologic functionality and wellbeing Source Dominati 2010 mod

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