14 2 5 3 Alpine Nature 2030 Creating ecological connectivity for generations to come 109 corridor concept Therefore the landscape connectiv ity model combines the physical structure of habitats ecosystems with the behavioural response of a species or group of species to that structure Taylor et al 2006 The structure and dynamic of populations and the movements of individuals between the patches are favoured or limited by the type the quantity and the distribution of habitats ecosystems and by the level of suitability of the matrix Nevertheless the connectivity approach can cause ecosystem degradation if used in a super cial and non integrated fashion If used as a compensation and mitigation tool to justify territorial transformations without profound territorial analysis it can facilitate the development of barren areas for example corri dors with resulting degradation of habitat and loss of ecological functions Therefore ecosystem restoration can be disastrous if the exact intervention type and lo cation is not being considered at the appropriate scale and temporal resolution and if appropriate biological indicators are not being used For these reasons when creating the connectivity models it is very important to ascertain the best spatial resolution with which to make calculations on environmental data Cornell and Lawton 1992 Kuczynski et al 2010 Morelli et al 2013 The strategic action approach depends on the context the scale and the targeted species as de ned previously by Bennett 2003 and requires particular interventions that promote the balance of such actions 1 Enlargement of the remaining habitat ecosystem surface 2 Increase in quality of remaining habitat ecosystem 3 Enhancement of the species speci c connectivity or that of the target species 4 Reduction of matrix disruption by making a space more suitable and t for the species dispersion It is also necessary to implement actions through territo rial planning raising awareness concerning the role that connective areas potentially have through protection of Several biological corridors were restored in the densely urbanised area around Grenoble in France in the project Path of Life The corridors were designed to serve multiple purposes and are also linked to ecosystem services like air quality and leisure

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