Floodlight in perfection LED FLOODLIGHT 10 Wattage 300 W LED FLOODLIGHT ANGULAR Wattage 10 20 30 50 W LED FLOODLIGHT 2 Wattage 40 W Exemplary illumination of a church with the floodlight model 667 LED FLOODLIGHT 6 Wattage 150 W LED FLOODLIGHT ROUND Wattage 10 30 50 W EFFECT LIGHT FLOODLIGHT POWER LIGHT The LED floodlights are extremely versatile Accentuated stylish lighting of buildings monuments and art objects Extensive illumination of sports and leisure grounds wholesale markets and car parks Bright as day illumination of airports terminals building sites and storage places The floodlights convince with their freely configurable beam characteris tics with different angles Symmetrical with 18 29 54 73 or also asymmetrical Equipped with up to 300 Watt an effective and at the same time energy efficient lighting can be achieved 5 B Sha mb o y Ζndustriegebiet eidberg 21 y Dɋ ɋ59 02 5 then

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