Competent lighting for industry and trade LED HIGH BAY LUMINAIRE CALLISTO 50 Wattage 50 W LED HIGH BAY LUMINAIRE TYPE E Wattage 120 200 W LED PROFILE LUMINAIRE ATLAS 2000 TO 4000 Wattage 100 200 W LED CEILING LUMINAIRE CALLISTO 75 with ceiling rail Wattage 75 W LED HIGH BAY LUMINAIRE CALLISTO 75 Wattage 75 W LED CEILING LUMINAIRE CALLISTO 50 with ceiling rail Wattage 50 W 4 BöSha GmbH Co KG Industriegebiet Heidberg 21 D   59602 Rüthen BETTER LIGHT LOWER COSTS LESS CO2 Our LED high bay luminaire type E is based on our proven system DurabOe muOti FhiS on board Ds in FonneFtion Zith highO eɝFient reȵeFtor teFhnoOog Ior mounting heights betZeen 6 Ȃ 1 m 2ur SroȴOe Ouminaire tOas ma be eTuiSSed Zith uS to 200 7he reȵeFtors are aYaiOabOe Zith Yarious beam angOes 1 r 29r 5 r and r 2btainabOe as Oighting striS s stem Zith misFeOOaneous additionaO IunFtions OiNe sensors Fameras and OoudsSeaNers 0ounting heights 6 Ȃ 15 m 7he D high ba and FeiOing Ouminaires CaOOisto 50 and 5 as ZeOO as the tOas too are eTuiSSed Zith these innoYatiYe reȵeFtors urthermore the CaOOisto Fan be ȴtted Zith as mmetriFaO reȵeFtors 7he CaOOisto Ouminaires are SartiFuOarO suited Ior haOOs Zith mounting heights uS to 10 m as ZeOO as Ior ZorNSOaFe Oighting

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