Classical decorative LED lighting solutions LED OLD TOWN LUMINAIRE ANGULAR Wattage 22 42 W LED ROUND LUMINAIRE Wattage 22 42 W LED GAS LAMP Wattage 22 W LED CYLINDER LUMINAIRE with skylight Wattage 22 42 W LED OLD TOWN LUMINAIRE ROUND Wattage 22 42 W LED CYLINDER LUMINAIRE version V Wattage 22 42 W DECORATION DESIGN AESTHETICS City lighting does not only have to provide the right light but also has to meet the requirements of modern lighting architecture and thus combine design charm and aesthetics with modern highly efficient lighting technology Decorative design and economic efficiency are not opposites Classical timeless or modern our decorative luminaires leave nothing to be desired During the daytime they function as decorative elements in addition at night they provide orientation well being and security They blend with your urban landscape upgrade it and turn your streets and squares into inviting and attractive sites improving your quality of life 3 6ha mb o y ΖndXstriegebiet eidberg y Dɋ ɋ 5 then

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