Technically sophisticated luminaires LED LUMINAIRE PaLeStra A Wattage 40 150 W LED CATENARY LUMINAIRE CALLISTO MC 75 Wattage 60 80 W LED LUMINAIRE PaLeStra B Wattage 15 25 W LED POLE LUMINAIRE MC Wattage 20 50 W 60 80 W LED LUMINAIRE RANGE TYPE E Wattage 22 30 W 42 100 W 120 200 W LED POLE LUMINAIRE SC Wattage 7 40 W 41 80 W 81 120 W 121 160 W 2 BöSha GmbH Co KG Industriegebiet Heidberg 21 D   59602 Rüthen EFFICIENCY RELIABILITY PROFITABILITY For the lighting of streets and public places particular requirements have to be met The luminaires have to be highly reliable fail safe OoZ maintenanFe and at the same time energ eɝFient tasN ideaO Ior D teFhnoOog HaYing a Oong standing D e Sertise Ze deYeOoSed a broad SortIoOio oI soOutions ZhiFh satisI aOO di erent demands Inside our city luminaires we combine durable multi chip on board LEDs Zith e tremeO eɝFient reȵeFtor teFhnoOog so that a serYiFe OiIe oI 100 000 hours is not an issue 2ur Oatest deYeOoSment are D Ouminaires Zith eɝFient singOe FhiS moduOes Yen Zith OoZ Zattages Oarge sSaFes betZeen the Ouminaires Fan be aFhieYed

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