see whether the lawn could really grow like normal grass when hanging upside down adds the Holtmann project manager Divided into several boxes the garden was open on all sides breaking down the stand structure People felt welcome It was not an exhibit show but a place of communication and en counter explains Dieter Schmidt www holtmann de A theme that always makes an impact bubbles of champagne tickling your taste buds Sparkling wine maker Henkell Co wants to whet the appetite for this efferves cent experience with visual associations Its current communication design uses rising bubbles as a key visual combined with the slogan Making Life Sparkle Based on this message Henkell s revamped stand made its debut at ProWein the International Trade Fair for Wine and Spirits in Düsseldorf last March Two golden rings with a diameter of seven metres hovered over the stand They stood out as widely visible eye catchers fea turing images of huge sparkling wine bub bles The rings generated a long distance impact in the gigantic hall recalls Jens Gliedstein chief marketing officer at Isinger Merz the commissioned stand construc tion firm The motif of the eyecatchers sparkling champagne bubbles was also featured in moving images of mousseaux on the horizontal spaces The huge champagne coloured rings al so had a further key visual function Henkell s presence consisted of both a main stand and several satellite stands for the first time The rings served as a kind of roof bringing the separate areas of the ensemble together At the satellite stands visitors were able to experience wine worlds with completely different design concepts The stand designers of Wiesbaden based Isinger Merz had paid particular attention to de tail in designing the stand area for the Ital ian prosecco brand Mionetto which be longs to the Henkell Group In the glass Mionetto cube an orange scarf hung from the ceiling from fine virtually invisible strings To make it look just like the free flowing scarf in the popular Mionetto com mercial our decorator draped the scarf painstakingly by hand until he got the styling exactly right from every angle says designer Christine Ambrosius At the end of May 2016 the booth was adapted to a smaller exhibition space for Vinexpo in Hong Kong Again project manager Chris tine Ambrosius was in charge of the design and the stand was set up with the help of local partners In the past Henkell s booths by Isinger Merz were always featured at Alles für den Gast in Salzburg as well www isinger merz de JK 63TradeFairs Internation al 3 4 2016 EXHIBITION STAND CONSTRUCTION INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITION BOOTHS THEME PARKS SHOP SYSTEMS Head Office Adam Stegerwald Str 9 15 30851 Hannover Langenhagen Germany info holtmann de www holtmann de INC REDI BLE WE UNDERSTAND AND WE DO PRACTICE For spaces large and small The German antenna and satellite sys tems manufacturer Kathrein participatesin over 50 fairs and exhibitions world wide The world market leader has now cho sen a new exhibition concept for this pur pose It was developed by service provider Atelier 3D from Straßlach near Munich and proves that the brand can be presented al most identically in any exhibition space no matter how large or small From two square metres to a huge double storey affair the de sign is adaptable in its layout and graphic de sign options without diminishing the recogni tion factor points out Maximilian Gotzler managing director of Atelier 3D The new Kathrein presence was a great success at the world s leading mobile communications fair Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last Febru ary The stand was built on a space of 80 square metres and boasted a special feature One pillar of the hall was covered by a round graphic surface making it a central highlight of the exhibition space Featuring a skyline theme this graphic surface can also be re placed by adaptable LCD panels for multime dia presentations The stand design looks so individual that hardly any visitor could imag ine that it is really built out of system ele ments reveals Maximilian Gotzler This gives us great flexibility for our design In addition it has other benefits such as easy handling and high efficiency says Atelier 3D s manag ing director www atelier 3d com Sektkellerei Henkell Der Stand wird auf der Vinexpo in Hongkong En de Mai 2016 auf etwas klei nerer Größe adaptiert Sparkling wine maker Henkell The booth will be adapted to a smaller exhi bition space for Vinexpo in Hong Kong at the end of May 2016 Ph ot o Is in ge r M er z

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