Europfast Internationale Spedition GmbH Albstrasse 10 D 73765 Neuhausen Phone 49 0 7158 980 18 10 Fax 49 0 7158 980 18 291 messew europfast com www europfast com EXHIBITION LOGISTICS EVENT LOGISTICS CUSTOMS CLEARANCE EQUIPMENT EUROPFAST WORLD WIDE EVENTLOGISTIC ALL AROUND YOUR VISIONS ALL AROUND THE WORLD Europfast is specialised in logistical transport solutions in national and international road haulage A state of the art complete transport network guarantees you optimum service and a high quality standard C ar launches press events and road shows always mean new and exciting challenges for logistics These events often take place in special venues that lack a proper infrastructure The venues are often in remote locations far from major ac cess roads says Matthias Beyer For exam ple on the Algarve coast in an old castle in Malaga or on a glacier near Soelden says the managing director of Panexpo an owner run freight forwarding company for trade fairs and exhibitions based in Worpswede near Bremen which celebrated its 20th an niversary this April For such unusual venues the company must check access routes for the delivery of materials by truck The ground needs to be made stable enough to support mobile cranes or forklifts Moreover Panexpo must also create stor age possibilities for material and packaging goods Lifting devices and further equipment are rented in the vicinity and brought to the venue The BMW IPV Media Launch 2014 in Innsbruck and Soelden is a case in point This press event for the launch of the BMW 2 series Active Tourer was literally a high lev el affair recalls Matthias Beyer A vehicle and various materials had to be lifted by mo bile crane to the top station of the Gais lachkogl mountain gondola in Soelden which is not easily accessible This station also served as a location for the latest James Bond movie Spectre One of the main tasks was to transport the exhibited vehicles by car hauler and get the materials from Germany to Innsbruck and Soelden Materials han dling was performed close to the venue a mobile crane with a loading platform had to be rented The BMW project involved major chal lenges We inspected the venue to assess the logistical requirements and feasibility pri or to the event says Matthias Beyer More over we had to charter an off road mobile crane with an adequate boom load capacity and loading platform On the whole the challenges facing the logistics provider ap pear to be inexhaustible For another project several Mini brand cars had to be suspended from a crane high over Milan for several days On average Panexpo handles ten events of this kind every year Many special requirements only manifest themselves dur ing set up or dismantling and a flexible so lution has to be found on site says manag ing director Beyer www panexpo de PB TRADE FAIR LOGISTICS Action packed like James Bond Panexpo is a provider of logistics services for international fairs and events world wide It focuses especially on the automotive industry Panexpo Geschäftsführer Matthias Beyer Die Bandbreite der Herausforderungen an die Logistiker ist unerschöpflich Panexpo s managing director Matthias Beyer The challenges facing logistics providers are inex haustible Ph ot o P an ex po PRACTICE

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