O ver 45 000 sailing enthusiasts cheered on the teams of the Extreme Sailing Series in Hamburg s HafenCity this July No wonder as the public rarely get to see entire regattas with ultrafast cata marans staged before their very eyes With events world wide from St Petersburg to Sydney this racing series is an exception And this time the teams competed on the banks of the river Elbe It was so exciting to watch the race up close from riverside The athletes fought for every centimetre and sec ond amidst veering winds and strong tides recalls Stjepan Djurdjan Gosch It was par ticularly spectacular from the front row of the outdoor gallery adds the Marketing Project Manager of the Röder Group as a nod to the event tent with its huge top floor gallery The Röder Group was commissioned by the organiser OC Sport UK to build a two storey construction Plus based on its Solu tion series It served as a media centre and VIP hospitality area for the event Its 175 square metre outdoor gallery probably of fered the best views of the entire race With an aluminium glass façade and surrounding fascia banner the lightweight tent construc tion looked very high class What more could the organisers of a top notch racing series wish for The Solution series is the premi um class of our tent and hall systems It cre ates a perfect space for extraordinary and cutting edge concepts says Stjepan Djurd jan Gosch One of the architectural hallmarks of these constructions are the high window fronts and spacious terraces and galleries If you want an additional storey you can opt for the Solution Prime system with three floors Röder tent systems offer clear span widths of up to 60 metres www r zs com Temporary structures not only provide extra exhibition space They can also be an architectural highlight and part of an elabo rate presentation Even for photographic works of art This May the exhibition of the World Press Photo Contest 2015 took place in Bucharest s University Square Journalists from all over the world had submitted the most evocative and stunning press images of the last few years A special construction was set up in front of the historical university Zenvision from Berlin created an entire land scape by connecting cube and dome tents At the sight of the simple straight walls and fu turistic round domes the visitors already guessed that something extraordinary await ed them inside The entrance was created out of a rectangular structure using aluminium profiles and transparent PVC membranes From there the audience entered a dome tent with a height of eight metres A further rectangular tunnel took visi tors to the main exhibition hall It consisted of a dome tent with a height of over ten me tres and span of 20 metres With clean white PVC clad membrane walls the tents provided the ambience the exhibitors wanted for the photographs The construction and walls blocked out the outside world without being too obtrusive This allowed visitors to con centrate entirely on the images and the emo tions they evoked It was an architectural work of art created with little effort which aroused curiosity and made a clear architec tural statement says Horst Endres Manag ing Director of Zenvision The construction was built using the systems Zencube for the rectangular tunnels and Zendome for the dome constructions The Berlin based com pany had added the two systems to its port folio in 2014 www zenvision berlin 78 TradeFairs Internation al 6 2015 PRACTICE MOBILE EXHIBITION BUILDINGS Safety comfort and high quality Tent systems and mobile halls are not just temporary solutions They often make a major highlight and visitor attraction

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