Moreover there will be three new leisure themed events organised by GJC Inter Media next year Free Time Home Days and Music Show Expo XXI also finds the return of a long standing partner rather remarkable Mo toroni an organiser who specialises mostly in trade fairs and public events in the motorcy cles segment In the last four years Motoroni had chosen the rival Warsaw site MT Polska as its venue But the next motorcycle show will take place here says a delighted Zaneta Berus Goes to show that they need more space The fact that Expo XXI is part of Sapphire Poland also acts as a driving force including the activities of the subsidiary Blue Business Media The company organises conferences both on a national and international level The Sapphire Group is currently undergoing a strong expansion overseas Especially in Asia reports Zaneta Berus who is also a member of Sapphire s board of management Blue Business Media recently signed a joint venture agreement with Messe Frankfurt for China She sees this as an interesting step that could open a lot of doors for coopera tions with international partners this will al so benefit Warsaw as a destination The booming exhibition and meetings market in Poland makes organisers focus more on quality instead of price However growing demand is also accompanied by growing customer expectations For this rea son we want to further improve the expertise of our team argues Zaneta Berus This en ables us to offer a professional service Sat isfied customers are likely to return as the example of a competition in the computer games segment shows The organiser was so delighted with the service and technical facil ities of Expo XXI that he also chose the venue for his Games Week trade show in October www expoxxi pl PB Veranstalter loben die technischen Möglichkeiten der Expo XXI Organisers are delighted with the technical facilities of Expo XXI Ph ot o E xp o XX I

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