41 FOCUS TradeFairs Internation al 6 2015 T his year during the global summit for innovation science and technology current social issues were once again on the agenda of the accompanying program tracks The lectures and discussions were held in a fitting architectural setting the puristic temporary geodesic dome struc tures of the Berlin based manufacturer Zen vision One of the three domes has had its Premiere at the conference the new Zen dome Cocoon that featured the project Pure Land by the Australian artists Sarah Kenderdine and Jeffrey Shaw Visitors stand ing under the sloping ceiling of the cupola could virtually step inside one of the famous Mogao Grottoes a World Heritage site of unique beauty The Mogao Grottoes are an ensemble of almost 500 caves in the Dunhuang region of Northwest China which have been con structed inside cliffs by Buddhist monks al most 1 500 years ago The walls and ceilings of the caves are painted with elaborate religious imagery and decorated with sculptures Unsurprisingly a cultural gem like the Mogao Caves attracts a considerable amount of admirers the constant flow of visitors eventu ally having left its mark a part of the caves had to be closed to the pub lic in order to prevent further deterioration of the artworks Fortunately during the course of the World Economic Forum visi tors could live the expe rience of being virtually present inside one of the historic caves the Cave 220 The innova tive 3D imaging ap proach showed the potential Virtual Reality VR technologies have for the digital media tion of cultural heritage The virtual renderings have profoundly touched the international and certainly Chi nese visitors As its name already suggests the Virtual Reality Dome the second temporary domed structure employed further VR technologies to present a late breaking issue By means of VR glasses a film portrayed the everyday life of a Syrian girl in a refugee camp in Jordan Finally the third geodesic structure the Health Dome offered regenerating Tai Chi workshops to the conference participants ANZEIGE ZENDOME COCOON Premiere in China 2015 In September the World Economic Forum held its Annual Meeting of the New Champions in northern Chinese Dalian Three themes of actuality were addressed in three geodesic domes Cave Dome and Health Dome at World Economic Forum 2015 Visitors immersive experience within the UNESCO World Heritage Cave 220 Mogao grottoes

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