furniture designer can t reinvent the wheel Simplicity and elegance have always been the best criteria says Kiefer As far as trends are concerned the furniture hire company boss prefers not to look into his crystal ball However he does suspect that it will be quite some time before the vintage look goes out of fashion and that customers will continue to want something that is traditional and of good quality Kiefer underpins his arguments with a fundamental principle as far as furni ture is concerned A chair should be neither horizontal nor vertical neither expressionist nor constructivist and designed neither ex clusively on the basis of functional criteria nor for a single table Ultimately says Kiefer it should just be a good chair www kiefer mietmoebel de Furniture hire company Suitestuff has opted for a rarely used material in its current product range The Swing series with a table and a bench seat was recently added Suitestuff Managing Director Michael Flügel has this to say about its particular qualities For the Swing table and bench we selected a material that is rarely used for furniture Both of these products are made of glass fi bre reinforced plastic which is normally used in boat building That makes it perfect for outdoor use But there is also something else that distinguishes Swing from the design classics Suitestuff largely stocks its own col lections and this series was also manufac tured to the company s own specifications and designs All in white and with flowing curves as if cast from a single piece it satis fies the taste for timeless elegant stylishness It also meets the requirements of being easy to handle and stack and thus reconciles form with function Another series Classic pro vides further proof of how Suitestuff follows this trend with its own creations From barstools in solid beach to simple rectangular chairs and sofas with black and brown leather covers it offers evergreen styles and elements www suitestuff de JK 94 ble asserts Bovenkerk www partyrent com Stand design follows changing architec tural trends and is currently rather futuristic Furniture on the other hand is strongly in fluenced by home furnishing trends which in turn have been strongly influenced by vin tage styles for a number of years That s how Michael Kiefer Managing Director of Kiefer Mietmöbel sees it He draws a comparison with the world of fash ion Here too fashions come back and the focus repeatedly returns to timeless chic He explains why the classics are so popular at trade fairs in particular as follows Against the backdrop of all the new technologies and fast paced change of modern society people see furniture as something that of fers a measure of continuity and tradition With classic pieces of fur niture an exhibitor can give ex pression to a company s quality stability and reliability The de signers of the past were no more daring than today s according to Kiefer They too merely followed the trends of the day Besides a Schlichtheit und Eleganz sind immer die besten Kriterien gewesen sagt Michael Kiefer Simplicity and elegance have always been the best criteria says Michael Kiefer Ph ot o P ar ty R en t Ph ot o K ie fe r M ie tm öb el Party Rent Möbelstücke die sich über Jahre hinweg bewährt haben büßen nichts von ihrer Schön heit ein Party Rent Pieces of furni ture that have proved their worth over the years do not lose any of their attrac tions

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