01 2 01 3 4 01 T hose years were characterised by many different designs But that s also be cause styles like Bauhaus for example were created then explains Christoph Bovenkerk who is responsible for corporate communications at Party Rent which sup plies furniture for trade fairs and events In addition industrialisation the availability of materials and new technologies revolu tionised furniture design Designers such as Kjaerholm Eames or Jacobsen who are cel ebrated today skilfully turned all that to ad vantage Bovenkerk suspects it has to do with the fact that design in the past was shaped more by artistic influences And that there were still taboos to be broken at that time There weren t so many preconceived ideas about furniture There is another way of telling what good design is says Bovenkerk Pieces of furniture that have proved their worth over the years do not lose any of their attractions For many exhibitors and trade fair visi tors design originals embody certain char acteristics Today as well impressive de signs and work are being produced that go well beyond the norm concedes the Party Rent marketing executive mentioning man ufacturers such as COR or Lapalma or mod els such as One form Konstantin Grcic by way of example New production processes and technologies are taking things forward Recently we brought a curved solid wooden table onto the event market The table legs and table top appear to flow into each other That wouldn t have even been possible a few years ago says Bovenkerk He also keeps his eye on short term trends such as the current one for vintage or wooden furni ture However if there is a consistent last ing trend it is the trend towards greater in dividuality What furniture hire companies do need to offer is customisation and a high level of modularity That makes you flexi PRACTICE EXHIBITION RENTAL FURNITURE Classics are never out of fashion New trends are constantly appearing in trade fair design and architecture But when it comes to furniture a clear preference for the designs of previous decades can be discerned Why

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