TradeFairs Internation al 5 2015 FOCUS 5 CONTENT VAE Ein Schlüssel faktor für die Wirtschaft UAE A key factor for the economy Messemietmöbel Klassiker für immer in Mode Exhibition rental furniture Classics are never out of fashion 91 Ph ot o P ar ty R en t Ph ot o E xp o Ce nt re S ha rja h 96 IFES News 104 Service Partner 106 Backstage 106 Imprint COLUMN 9 90 years of UFI Back to the future 14 UFI in South Africa The congress goes to Joburg 16 IELA turns 30 Experts for trade fair and event logistics 20 IFES World Summit 2015 A birthday congress in Vienna 22 International venues Where the sun shines FOCUS 24 Italy Business gets boost from abroad 26 Italy Vitamins for Fiera Bolzano 29 Scandinavia Looking north for a lead in bioenergy 32 Russia Keep calm and exhibit 36 Turkey Izmir 300 days of sunshine 40 Turkey New large exposition center fuarizmir 45 Turkey Istanbul increasingly in the spotlight 48 Turkey Much optimism but with some concerns 51 Abu Dhabi A key factor for the economy 53 Sharjah The stuff of visions 58 Malaysia Wooing foreign business people 60 Indonesia One attraction richer 63 Singapore The lions are coming home 68 Thailand Six measures for trust 70 Hong Kong Seeking a total experience 74 Hong Kong The billion strong markets of building and ecology 77 Hong Kong Double digit growth continues 80 China Treating the situation as an opportunity 84 Japan Big Sight becomes even bigger 88 India Right now we have healthy growth 90 TFI Know how What do you need for a successful fair presence in India INTERNATIONAL 93 Exhibition rental furniture Classics are never out of fashion 96 Stand construction Design Five stars under the hall roof 99 Stand construction Design Where visitors get things moving 102 Stand construction Design Eye catching dragon s eye PRACTICE 50 U nd d ar au f s itz t d er k lu ge K op f ww w ki ef er m ie tm oe be l d e De nn in u ns er em ru nd 90 0 M öb el u nd Z ub eh ör um fa ss en de n So rti m en t f in de n Si e ga ra nt ie rt da s Ri ch tig e fü r di e Au ss ta ttu ng Ih re s Ev en ts M ie tb ar a uc h on lin e un d in Ec ht ze it P r o b i e r e n S i e e s a u s Beilagenhinweis Der Inlandsauflage dieser Ausgabe liegt eine Beilage unseres Kunden FAMAB bei Wir bit ten unsere Leser um freundliche Beachtung

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