36 TradeFairs Internation al 5 2015 I ts international sea port is one of the most important ones in Turkey as an export route for its 70 thousand busi nessmen 6 500 industrialists and close to 100 000 tradesmen Having actively sought new investment in the worlds of tourism and business Izmir now is among the cities in Turkey that attract foreign in vestment and international trade the most Izmir is easily accessible from all parts of the world whether by air land or sea It pro vides the ideal holiday destination thanks to its rich historical culture and natural beauty It also offers a range of hotels shopping cen ters with the latest brands colourful markets and a superb cuisine enough to surpass any one s holiday or travel expectations Izmir s points of attraction are based on its climate with 300 days of sunshine a year and on its stunning natural surroundings Known throughout history as Beautiful Izmir the city can still be described in the same manner The city does not only have the sea but it also embraces a wide range of scenery with mountains and plateaus the forests of red pine and shrubs where one can come face to face with nature at its best It is also TURKEY Izmir 300 days of sunshine With its 19 industrial zones 2 free trade zones and 9 universities Izmir is one of the life lines of the Turkish economy INTERNATIONAL

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