D einze Belgium in 1994 Dirk Deleu founds the exhibition stand construc tion company Creaplan He and Ann Vancoillie have both been working in the exhibition and events industry for many years Together they aim to come up with optimised products and services for trade fairs and other events They seek to develop more flexible modular systems That s es sentially how Aluvision came about We wanted our modular systems to offer our customers limitless scope for creativity We were constantly developing new products whether those were corner profiles for a seamless finish or modern LED solutions recalls Ann Vancoillie Flexdeck is a recent Aluvision innova tion It is more than just a double decker so lution emphasises Deleu With Flexdeck Aluvision is seeking to set a higher standard for stability setup user friendliness and flex ibility when it comes to the different walls that can be used In addition to Flexdeck Aluvision has also developed the Flexbox This event box can be used to create tempo rary spaces for both indoor and outdoor events Flexboxes can be extended and com bined to create the ideal event space for every occasion whether it s a mobile show room an elegant office environment or a VIP lounge The Flexbox can also be fitted with a great many panels and other types of wall Other innovative Aluvision solutions include curved frames with eight standard diameters or a pre installed adhesive free Velcro strip for the Omni 55 Pro frame that prevents it from detaching in high temperatures or damp conditions In addition the company offers flexible LED solutions for graphical ap plications in many sizes as well as LED lit corners and edges Sustainability is always a key considera tion for Aluvision when developing new products Exhibition stands used to be made primarily of wood and be disposed of after being used only once We changed this by developing our 100 percent reusable mod ular aluminium exhibition stand construction system explains Deleu The sustainability criterion requires that at least 75 percent of Aluvision frames must be made of recycled aluminium In addition anodisation makes the material easier to maintain because it prevents the natural grease separation that is typical for aluminium Anodisation also re sults in a harder more scratch resistant sur face that means the material lasts longer It is not just the product range that has grown at Aluvision The company originally founded by two industry pioneers now em ploys over 170 people and has more than 3 000 partners throughout the world Cus tomers are supplied from large production fa cilities in Belgium and Atlanta Georgia Our mission is to inspire partners around the world on their creative journey explains Vancoillie The company recently opened a depot with a showroom in Las Vegas from which thousands of shows and customers are supplied Aluvision is currently building a brand new headquarters in Belgium It is de signed with sustainability in mind and means we will be able to supply the next generation in line with sustainable principles affirms Deleu www aluvision com JK 80 TradeFairs Internation al 3 4 2023 STAND CONSTRUCTION SYSTEMS 30 years of innovation and growth Ann Vancoillie and Dirk Deleu co founded Aluvision almost three decades ago The entire industry is now aware of the Belgian manufacturer s exhibition construction systems PRACTICE Ann Vancoillie und Dirk Deleu suchten nach flexibleren modularen Systemen So entstand Aluvision Ann Vancoillie and Dirk Deleu were looking for more flexible modular systems This is how Aluvision was born Ph ot o A lu vi si on

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