T he discussion focused on how smart employer branding and a credible so cial responsibility pay into recruitment success Kirsten Harms head of hu man resources at Hamburg Messe und Con gress was responsible for the contents Mar cus Merheim founder of Hooman Employer Marketing had been invited as a guest speaker He said that one of the greatest chal lenges to finding skilled workers is our aging society This produces a shortage of young talents Another major aspect is digitalisa tion which is creating new kinds of jobs and work requirements In addition Gen Z ex pect a lot more of their employers than any previous generation Important considerations when choosing a company are firstly the traditional criteria such as an attractive position salary modern workplace location and travel distance a good work life balance and secure job New criteria include flexible working hours mobile work active health management the compa ny s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility The image of the employer or even the whole industry is increasingly im portant Skilled professionals want to know how the business and therefore the job ben efits society And whether working there would be socially recognised For skilled pro fessionals their personal image also plays a major role when deciding on an employer Hence employer review sites such as ku nunu and glassdoor have quite a large im pact on decision making Attendees conclud ed that these platforms warrant more atten tion Employees should be encouraged to write reviews There is often untapped po tential in the workforce for turning employ ees into positive ambassadors who identify with the company The firm s own employ ees could contribute significantly to an au thentic image of the employer brand which is crucial for recruiting skilled workers An employer branding campaign should there fore not only rely on glossy pictures but must also convey a company s vision and values credibly and plausibly False promises are just as ineffective as an interchangeable undistinctive presence Successful employer branding reaches potential employees by providing a clear an swer to the question What is it like to work for us If you communicate this clearly you will not only reach candidates who fit in with the company but will also keep away applicants who only realise they are not good match after joining the firm Gen Z was dis cussed in depth This generation is particu larly sensitive as it has been through many crises since birth and grown up in a very fast paced digital world This gives them a fundamental uncertainty a lack of goal ori entation persistent sense of dissatisfaction and hence a strong desire to belong to a community Digital channels are mandatory when addressing them Short videos are likely to be more successful than text content www idfa de PB 8 FOCUS TradeFairs Internation al 3 4 2023 GERMANY Staff of tomorrow Last September the IDFA International Trade Fair Seminar took place at Messe Essen One of the topics was Trade show companies the great unknowns of the labour market Kirsten Harms Personalleiterin der Hamburg Messe und Con gress war für das Thema Recruiting inhaltlich verant wortlich Kirsten Harms head of human resources at Hamburg Messe und Congress was responsible for the recruitment related content Ph ot o M es se E ss en ID FA

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