B efore and after trade shows you can still see huge piles of rubbish left by conventional disposable solutions According to the experts up to 90 per cent of the materials used such as chip board are disposed of as hazardous waste Whereas flexible and modular systems like those by Octanorm leave no wastes at all This is because you can use and re use them any time to configure new stands But what is the advantage of aluminium as a construction material The light metal is 100 per cent recyclable without any loss of quality 75 per cent of all aluminium ever produced globally is still in use today Alu minium recycling requires 95 per cent less energy than primary production The recy cling quota for Octanorm extrusions frames and panels is up to 90 per cent and they are completely remeltable due to their purity But even more importantly they can be used for decades Sustainability is already part of our sys tem Our approach is to consistently recycle and extend the lifespan of our products ex plains Octanorm CEO Benjamin Bruder Thanks to its low weight the material saves exhibitors and stand builders transport costs and emissions As for transport Octanorm offers its cus tomers another green bonus with its global stand builder network OSPI This stands for Octanorm Service Partner International To explain how it works An exhibitor from Los Angeles say is planning to take part in a trade show in Frankfurt The stand is de signed by a local OSPI partner and built on site by a German partner company This eliminates the costs time and emissions of transport halfway around the world The sheer versatility of possible stand structures out of Octanorm systems was demonstrated by novelties presented at the EuroShop 2023 industry trade fair in Düssel dorf One example is Octalux the luminous extrusion illuminated by built in LEDs This new system combines the brilliance of the entire colour spectrum with the stability of an aluminium extrusion says Benjamin Bruder Combined with numerous other sys tems and beam extrusions it enables stand constructions with illuminated uprights and light strips Octalux is available in cool white warm white or with RGB capable LEDs You can create exciting colour changes by remote control for example from elegant white to vi brant orange explains Octanorm s CEO With Octawall pro the exhibitor present ed a new frame system for creating room so lutions that can even integrate LED video walls among other options LED panels are secured in the system groove with adapters In addition cables are hidden completely in channels between the frames This provides stability and a seamless overall appearance In addition to LED walls Octawall frames can also be covered by fabrics and fitted with system installations Above all LED panels from a wide range of manufactur ers can be mounted on the video walls Benjamin Brud er We want to make our systems as flexible as possi ble Using fewer necessary materials also leaves a smaller ecological footprint www octanorm com JK 78 TradeFairs Internation al 3 4 2023 PRACTICE STAND CONSTRUCTION SYSTEMS Aluminium for a sustainable world Is stand construction out of aluminium systems more eco logical than using conventional materials The world s leading system elements manufacturer Octanorm does the math EuroShop 2023 Octalux das leuchtende Profil das eingebaute LEDs zum Strahlen bringt EuroShop 2023 Octalux an aluminium extrusion illuminated by built in LEDs P ho to O ct an or m

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