T hese sheets are used among other things for visual communication and stand construction Traditionally such plastics were produced primarily from petroleum Now the Exolon Group is increas ingly transitioning to eco friendly solutions opting for recycled and renewable raw mate rials And so it has added the new rEco and rEcoplus types to its existing Ecorange with recycled materials used in both Hence cus tomers now have twelve products with a smaller ecological footprint in the Exolon Vi vak and Axpet product lines to choose from The existing Ecorange type Eco contains at least 40 per cent regrind from the company s own production operations For another type Ecoplus Exolon uses a share of up to 89 per cent of renewable raw materials For Ecoplus polycarbonate products the process follows the ISCC Plus mass balancing approach with these materials replacing fossil raw materials right at the start of the production chain The new rEco type solid sheets contain 50 to almost 100 per cent pre consumer ma terials These arise for example when milling sheets for a finished product This means full utilisation of plastics as a re source says Nicole Meyer Kurczyk Ex olon s marketing communications manager Exolon has also added rEcoplus polyester sheets to its portfolio They are made out of post consumer recycled materials containing a 25 per cent share of polyester from prod ucts that have reached the end of their life cycle and have been remelted into new gran ulate Our ecological sheets are in no way inferior to standard products both in terms of aesthetics and mechanical quality promises Nicole Meyer Kurczyk When recycled the plastics properties are fully preserved The Exolon Group not only offers eco friendlier products It has even gone a step further and been ISCC Plus certified ISCC Plus is the International Sustainability Car bon Certification standard It ensures that the entire supply chain is audited making all re cycled materials fully traceable back to their source The company wants to keep reducing its ecological footprint even further Our group are committed to finding solutions that promote ecology the circular economy and sustainability Together with partners and re cycling experts we ourselves encourage our customers to opt for high quality recycled and pre and post consumer materials as sures Nicole Meyer Kurczyk www exolon group com JK 71TradeFairs Internation al 3 4 2023 PRACTICE

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