Midea Our task was to stage its huge prod uct range as a creative brand world We had to make an experience out of its latest ex hibits recalls Michael Chrystal founder and director of Forum Your Brandbuilder The Solingen based agency for brand expe riences had won the exhibitor s contract Visitors were able to experience all the prod ucts live in various product showcases They could see the exhibits in action at a cooking show Colourful stage programmes entertained them on a large interactive stage on all days of the event The agency coordi nated both shows for the duration of the trade fair In addition it had to showcase the mot to of the brand presence Green is the new clean Household appliances were present ed in an environmentally friendly manner Images of nature decorated the booth Sus tainability was a main theme but not only with energy efficient products The booth it self also featured a resource friendly de sign says Michael Chrystal Many ele ments can be reused or upcycled This year s IFA in Berlin was a very spe cial event for Forum Your Brandbuilder Af ter beating its rivals in a lengthy pitch it had to get down to work It only had little time to create produce and build the 2 600 square metre presence of the Midea Group with its three brands www fybb de JK 69TradeFairs Internation al 3 4 2023 PRACTICE S E R V I C E P A R T N E R Messebau Systeme Messeböden Messedienstleistungen G40 G19 Hotelbuchungen Standmanagement Transferservice Onlineregistrierung Messehostessen Catering Rund um Ihre Messe und Veranstaltung alles aus einer Hand Tel 49 0 8152 39563 0 meetings fairs perfect ME TINGE Teilnehmer Management Veranstaltungs management E pluribus unum out of many one Epluribus unum is a traditional motto of the United States Welding together what belongstogether is a fitting description of the concept behind a trade show presence devel oped for ITW and Orbitalum at Schweissen Schneiden 2023 the number one trade fair for the cutting and welding industry in Essen German exhibitor Orbitalum is part of the American ITW Group It offers products and solutions for welding cutting and grinding pipes At the stand Orbitalum and ITW were joined by other brands and companies of the group We had to stage each company individually but also show that they belong together recalls Bernfried Weber managing director of Messebau Süd The service provider from Ostelsheim was responsible for stand design and construction We had a uniform fascia hanging from the ceiling that ran around the perimeter The fascia was printed on both sides with all the logos says Bernfried Weber In addition to the group presentation each company had its own space at the 240 square metre stand We used suspended banners to create separate areas ex plains Messebau Süd s managing director However due to their sizes and arrangement these banners allowed you to see the entire booth Hence all of the companies were visible from every location and visitors could get from A to B unhindered The stand designers also had a creative idea up their sleeves for presenting the exhibitors products Using pipes they created a tree like structure as a work of art with pipes of different shapes and sizes for its trunk and branches www messebau sued de Ph ot o M es se ba u Sü d

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