G ood news for SNIEC its future is now secure In previous years there had been rumours that the venue would be relocated but now it has certainty At the end of last year the Shanghai govern ment made a final decision says Michael Kruppe We will stay where we are forever emphasises the general manager of SNIEC The decision has dissipated the uncertainties that made some organisers rather nervous and gave rise to anxious questions even forc ing the operators to give official statements on TV and at press conferences With the commitment of the city of Shanghai these un certainties are over says a happy Kruppe Now our customers can plan their shows ahead for many years in the same location And there is more good news After the end of the pandemic business at Shanghai New International Expo Centre achieved a successful restart In a nutshell we are wit nessing a solid 80 per cent ratio this year ver sus 2019 as a venue reports Michael Kruppe I know that some of the shows hosted at SNIEC are maybe a bit lower con cedes the CEO For him this is no problem at all After all this is an excellent comeback I think for the first post Covid year these fig ures are fantastic says Kruppe if you would have asked me early this year if I would be happy with such figures I would have never believed it In the meantime SNIEC has seen an up grade A new first class lounge has been built in the east entrance in response to customer wishes For many years people have already been asking us if when we would have a lounge like that argues Michael Kruppe Well we actually finished its construction in March 2020 he reminisces Now after all shows are reopened we trust that visi tors and exhibitors will use the lounge fre quently And target groups are being looked after in other ways as well In or der to cater to the needs of the ever in creasing number of visitors arriving by car SNIEC has developed a parking pro gramme We partner with adjacent busi ness venues malls or hotels says Kruppe Especially on weekends where we have more and more B2C events This provides additional parking space of up to 25 per cent To maximise publicity for the ele ments of its business model SNIEC has worked on its communication The slogan is now S A has been added to the previous famous big three S Safe ty Service and Satisfaction This is to symbolise the many more features that Shanghai New International Expo Centre stands for explains Michael Kruppe One of them is sustainability There will be whole a new team to focus on sustain ability issues in future Another S stands for stability an expression of the venue s being able to stay at its current site in Pudong www sniec net PB 66 TradeFairs Internation al 3 4 2023 INTERNATIONAL CHINA Certainty and sound figures Shanghai New International Expo Centre SNIEC can face the future with optimism Trade fairs are picking up again and the most important question has been answered SNIEC Wir bleiben für immer wo wir sind SNIEC We will stay where we are forever Ph ot o S N IE C Michael Kruppe CEO SNIEC Ph ot o S N IE C

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